My Special People!

My special people are… MY PARENTS!  They help make my family and life awesome and fun.

My dad is funny and caring, also he is amazing!  Every night he tells me and Aly, “I love you,” and shuts our doors and does a special knock that I will never forget.  I also remember we went to a mall and it was very icy.  There was a car that was trying to get out of there parking spot, and it got STUCK!  My dad and 3 or 2 other people were pushing the car out of the parking spot.  The car was able to drive to their destination!  My dad has a silly face which is sooo weird that its funny, and I will never forget it!  My dad is a great dad!

My mom is soo loving and is good at doing the right thing at the right time;  she also tries to teach us every thing that will make us have a fun, safe, life.  [She also is a good cook]  My mom is soo nice and loving!  She always is making sure she give’s me and Aly a hug.  She always shows her love toward the family and the world.  My mom is really nice when ever we are having a tough time.  She’s a great cook!  She is funny when needed, she is super positive, always!  She is easy to talk to and is amazing!  She’s always making sure that me and Aly know the right and the wrong!  She also was a vet and worked in the Texas military!  She’s a great mom!

I love both of my parents that’s why I wrote about both of them!  I will always be there for them like they are for me.

The First Time I Went Rock Climbing

It all started when I was with my aunt and my sister Aly.  We all started packing our food and water in our bags.  After packing we jumped in the car, and were off.  Me and Aly had no clue what we were just getting ready for, because it was a surprise.

Then after talking about school in the car I looked out of the window and saw that we were at a ROCK CLIMBING PLACE!  Me and Aly have never been rock climbing before.  “Why is it so small?” I asked, because it looked so tiny for a rock climbing place.  Right after I said that we walked into the building and it was REALLY big.  We walked to a big desk with a lady behind it.

“Hi, how many?” said the lady behind the desk.

“Four, two kids and two adults,” I got confused when she said that because it was just me and Aly and my Aunt so I looked around, and my uncle was coming in through the door!  I got really excited.  “Here are your shoes for climbing and you strap.” I put on my shoes and they were really tight.  I got help for putting my strap on because I never wore one.

“Somebody will tour us around and you’ll learn every thing.” said my Aunt.  After 12 minutes the tour was over.  I asked me Aunt “Can we please have a food break because i’m hungry?”

“Okay.”  She turned to Aly and asked, “Aly are you hungry? Because Lily is,” then Aly nodded.  We found a table and ate our food.  I had carrots, apple sauce, and a peanut butter sandwich, “I’m done! what about you guys?”

“I’m done,” said Aly and my Aunt.  We went to a very small rock climbing course for beginners, like me and my sister.  They were color coded from easy to very hard and I started on easy.  After a little while I realized it was to easy, so I went to a different spot that was not so easy and I’m guessing it was medium easy.  I went through all of them and thought I was ready for the ones where you use a hook so you don’t fall off and DIE! We left the color coded area and I went to a big wall where my aunt was going to show us how to be safe climbing.  She went all the way to the top and BOOM she was stuck!

My uncle was holding her rope and it got tangled.  She had to wait a few minutes so my uncle could untangle the rope.  2 minutes later she was able to get down safely.  I got scared and she could tell so she said, “I felt very safe up there because its happened so many times before and no one ever gets stuck for 1 hour or hurt or anything bad.  So now its your turn and I won’t let you get hurt.”

“Ok,” I said.  We headed to a small area where it should be safe and easy for me.  The first time I did it I got scared, but the rest of the time I felt safe and had the time of my life.

“Can I go alone?” asked Aly.

“Go ahead.  Lily you can go alone to, meet me somewhere in a hour or I can meet you.” Then me and Aly ran to our favorite spot that we went to with our aunt and uncle. I went to a part that had a lot of little hand holds.  It was for beginners, but it was fun and easy.

I felt the air blow my hair off my back when I was running.  It was nice to be free and run, not using those hand holds and not dipping my hands in chalk over and over again until I jumped off the wall.

“Can you get her off?” said a staff from no where.  I looked every where.  There was no one there, so I almost hooked my self in and climbed, but, the voice came back “Please.” “Oh I’m behind this door” she must have saw that I was confused then I unhooked my self and went to where I heard her voice.

I found a spot that looked like a small door.  It had the same look as the other climbing parts and had hand holds on it, so I looked up.  There was a small girl climbing I told her, “Hi there’s an employee who needs to get through and wants to know if you could get off,” she said she could get off and when she did the employee came out of the door.  CREAK, the door opened and she said “Thank you.”  She was a staff so it made sense when I saw a ONLY STAFF paper glued to the floor.  When I heard that noise I should have seen that paper.  I just nodded at her and went back to my spot I was going to climb on.

I climbed maybe for a hour and then my aunt came.  “Lily its time to go back to the house.”

“Okay.”  I was not ready to leave.  It was soooooo fun.  I will never forget this day no matter what and now I will try going rock climbing more and take my parents out rock climbing.

The dog



One afternoon my dad was pumping my bike tires,so i decided to join him.

I ran to my shoe bin got my shoes on then tied them and got up to opened  the door,CREEK our door was broken. “Hi lily how are you?” 

“Hi daddy i’m good,”I yelled while walking towards him, “can I ride my bike when your done?”

“Ya, just wait a minute and i’ll be done.”

I got down to where my dad was and watched him do the magic.

After 105 seconds my dad was done pumping my tires! I lifted my bike and got on, sat on the bike and peddled up my hill.

I felt the wind blow on my face and it was calm then I looked back and saw my dad running towards me then I was pedaling harder and harder, but after 2 minutes my dad caught up to me and I thought I was slow. Then I looked back to see how high I was and I saw a BIG BLACK DOG!

  Then it BARKED way louder then my dog and keep in mind I was 6 years old and I had the right to be scared so I started to panic.

The dog kept getting closer and closer and closer and my dad was way to far for him to see and hear because he was listening to music with his earbuds so when i yelled he couldn’t hear me, so there was only one thing to do RUN!

I jumped off the bike put it in the ditch and ran and screamed for my dad he came running because he heard this “DADDY BIG DOG CHASING ME!” I think he paused the music or took out his earbuds.


My sister and mom were inside minding there own business while it was like there was a murder chasing a kid outside.

 I was running my dad was running and the dog was running it was a kayos outside!

I asked myself if this dog could be DANGEROUS But then i got a feeling that this dog was very dangerous so I ran with all my energy and if i wasn’t so focused on getting my dad I would have realized that the dog ran when it saw my dad.

Gasping for breath I hugged my dad and when I looked at his face I saw that he was so confused so I stuck my finger out and turned to point at the dog and when i was all turned around there was no dog not even a piece of fur so I explained what happened to my dad he understood  and we went inside to just relax.

“How was it outside?”asked my mom not knowing what just happened.

“Good,” then I looked at my dad and smirked knowing what did just happen.

“Good night Lily have a good sleep,”said my mom in a whisper.

“Good night’” then i looked out at the stars and fell asleep and went straight in a dream.

There was a new kid and she was very nice and we started to hang out she came to my house and i came to hers we would play tag, hide and seek and all that stuff and when it was winter we would sled together but something we did all the time was ride our bikes,  [like I did when I found that dog] we would ride everywhere and when i said every where I meant everywhere.


“Can you come to my house?” said the new girl on the bus.

“Ya it’s just I need to ask my parents but i bet they’ll say yes,”and they did!

“Yes you can go over but,  Aly needs to come to and come back at 5:00 and if you don’t I’ll pick you up but be safe!”


Me and Aly ran, got our helmets, got dressed, got shoes, on hugged our parents, and said “Bye”

And hopped on our bikes and went up the hill then down the hill and we were super fast so we were there early that we had to wait because there house wasn’t clean.

CREEK, the door went when it was opening, “Hi, Olivia’s in her room cleaning but she’ll be out in a sec” said Olivia’s mom in her sweet voice.

We put our bikes up and Olivia walked out of the house and jumped down the steps and hugged us and we said “hi,” and ran to the trampoline,  “the last one there is a rotten egg!” I ran as fast as I could but my little legs made me the rotten egg but I mean it’s just a game so it doesn’t matter.

ROOF!  Olivia has dogs but I never saw them so when they went running out of the house I was scared i mean she always said “there biter’s so be careful if they come out,” but they never did but they finally did.There was a BIG BLACK DOG running towards us and a small brown dog but in my dream I remembered this dog.


“BROWNIE, INKY GET BACK HERE NOW!” screamed there mom!

“WE HAVE TO GO INSIDE” Olivia yelled.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because Inky BITS,” when I heard that I looked at the dog a second time  and it was a BIG BLACK DOG that chased me on the bike. I remember thinking this dog was dangerous and I was right because Olivia said the dog bites so if my dad was never there i could have been in trouble i mean i was 6 years old that dog could have really hurt me.


We opened the trampoline zipper and ran, the dog ran in front of us and sat and turned there head and stayed still like stature, I was waiting for something bad to happen but it never came.


“Can we pet the dog?” said Aly.

“Sure just not near the face because she’s bitter.”

Aly reached her hand out and pet the dog nothing happened but he i reached my hand towards the dog and he looked right at me and I pet him and that was all he was just looking at me then sat on my feet then I was petting him none stop i mean he’s so cute.


That little brown dog was out of sight so there was nothing to worry about.

Then Aly reached in for another pet the dog quickly turned it’s head and bite Aly’s finger!

“OLIVIA GET YOUR DAD I’LL GET MINE” i ran down to my house got my dad and Olivia got her dad and he got bandaids.  Olivia’s mom took the dog in and explained what had happened and my dad, but he didn’t care so he said “nice,” and ran to the back yard and got Aly and hugged her because she was crying and she was BLEEDING like it was gross.

“Thank’s for having them, bye.”

I ran home and grabbed my mom told her what happened and then we went to the doctors and Aly got better after a few weak’s and then…

“What happened,” I finally woke up and it was all a dream because I inspected  Aly’s finger and it was perfectly fine and nothing bad happened and there was no new neighbor just the same so I continued my life and never had a bad dream again.